The video Burning (78 mins) was made in 2007, and depicts the actual burning of a wooden structure, from ignition through to full blaze, down to the last flickers of light. The video was filmed on location, near my father’s house in Västra Götaland county in Sweden. The video marks the beginning of an exploration into the subjective appreciation of moments of personal value, the important yet undocumented moments.

Around the age of ten, my friends and I destroyed a hunting tower belonging to my father’s neighbour. The memory of this event is closely related to moments of my understanding of what hunting towers are used for, of the tower as a symbol of power and authority, and of how hunting teams function in the organised killing of wild animals. Destroying the neighbour’s tower was a rebellious act against a traditional rural culture with which we as children did not agree.

Through reading Deleuze and contemporary writers on Deleuze, I became interested in the idea of the event, and I wanted to think through this concept via the event of Burning. I was also interested in notions of creative destructions and how, by destroying one entity, another is created. The destruction of the wooden structure with fire created ash, which I swept up after filming the burning of the wooden tower.